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September 5, 2008

I have been thinking lately, that almost all the real estate agents have websites and idx links where  you can search the mls for yourself.  The information available is picking up, but I would think that another level of interest for buyers (especially out of town, or very busy) is to see not just the info on the home, but info on the area, the neighborhood.   Have you ever seen a photo of a home that looks great, then, drive up to it, and think, Wow this is terrible?  Alot of times if you could see the home in context with the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, would help out alot.   What I am going to be doing, is videotaping neighborhoods, driving by streets in zip codes I work, and also having video archives where you could look up parks, schools, restaurants and other places of interest.

My question is, Do people want this much info, or do they want just the shortened look of a homes info sheet on the web, and prefer to view in person?  What do you think? I welcome your input



August 21, 2008


Thought that is what a lot of people think about Blogs! I know I did!

Who are these people that want to blog, don’t they have a life? Then I found ActiveRain and SUDDENLY the light began to dawn on me.

  • It’s like having experts all around you
  • It’s like having op/ed writers multiplied by the thousands
  • It’s like pitching in to help one another
  • It’s getting to share your concerns and beliefs with others, while learning how others deal with similar situations that you are experiencing
  • It’s like a community gathering
  • It’s like Co-operation
  • It’s like a great social tool
  • It’s like a great marketing tool
  • It’s like getting a little taste of someone’s values
  • It’s like a great school
  • It’s like a great library

and on and on and on……….

I do real estate for a living Full Time in San Diego and Poway area of the Country.

But while real estate is local, some of the same situations in San Diego and Poway are recurring all around the country. The collective wisdom and experience of the community on ActiveRain is a great tool to refine and enlighten an agent.

And ultimately I want to be the Best agent my clients can get. So I keep learning, updating, refining my skills…always. I have done real estate for 10 years, and God willing will be doing it for 30 more years. But personal experience gets more benefit when combined with collective experience. It’s like getting the benefit of a thousand experienced agents all wrapped up in me! So it’s not just BLAH, BLAH BLOG, it’s about being the best and sharpening your took kit!

Gerard Maher (G-Man) full time REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Residential helps Buyers, Sellers, Investors in San Diego & Poway

He can be reached by calling 619-481-0882 or go to


G@CallGman.com for email.

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